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Taylor Swift
“People haven't always been there for me but music always has.” ― Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift ღ
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Fragrance Foundation Awards (2013)
Who: Taylor Swift
Wearing: Emilio Pucci
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What I find strange is that if I’d won a Grammy I’d have it placed pristinely on a shelf with loads of lights with underneath written “Grammy Motherfucker” or something like that. Whereas she’s won so many there’s one chilling in the toilet on a little ledge, there’s one in the kitchen and there’s one in the living room. There’s Grammys scattered everywhere. I find that really cool. If I’d won as much as that, I’d scatter them everywhere.ED SHEERAN ON HOW TAYLOR SWIFT DISPLAYS HER GRAMMY AWARDS X (VIA REDPRINCESS)
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She looks soooo pretty
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Her surprised expressions are soooooo cute :O
“The guy who wrote the song Treacherous with Swift—it’s on her Red album—said she’s totally genuine and down to earth. He’s a great songwriter, for example, he wrote a song with Adele for 21 and won a Grammy as one of the producers for that album. In the interview, he said Swift is a “monster songwriter” as in “amazingly good”.
He also said Swift’s public and private persona are the same—what you see is what you get, He said her “surprise face” is a good example. It’s totally real. Every time they’d come up with a good lyric or sound, she’d automatically make her surprise face, as in “that”s great! Terrific!” He and the interviewer agreed that people her age are allowed to still look surprised. It’s actually refreshing that with all her success, she hasn’t become jaded and complacent, but rather she can still be delighted.”
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:) inspirational
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